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Claudia is incredible. She managed to clarify issues for me that I wasn’t able to articulate on my own and work with me in a method tailored to my strong suits to address my weak areas

Claudia is unlike any counsellor I have had before. She makes me feel comfortable sharing and helps me explore my feelings in a safe space. Even after our first appointment I felt more hopeful about the future and I always look forward to our sessions.

Claudia is an excellent therapist! I knew that she was a good fit for me upon reading her detailed and very accurate bio. From Day 1, we talked about my needs and her style and it was very clear that we were a good match. Claudia is a good listener, but she always knows what and how to say things. She tells it as it is when needed and at the same time is a shoulder to lean on. Thank you Claudia!

I really like working with Claudia. She listens and she brings up helpful points. I really feel that she is totally present in our sessions. We’ve only had two sessions but she has been so professional and great so far.

Claudia masterfully balances listening and questioning. She harbors a sense of safety while encouraging introspection.

Thank you, Claudia.

Claudia is the best counselor I have had. She makes me feel comfortable sharing and helps me explore my feelings in a grounded and safe way. I feel like she understands what I’m going through and have been through and provides exceptional support. At the end of each session, Claudia would ask how I was feeling and always left the session on a good note letting me know that I could always reach out.

Claudia Ribas is one of the best councilors I have ever worked with. As she says her job “is to explain me to me” and she does an excellent job at that! She has a wonderful way of simplifying really complex situations and providing practical ideas on how to deal with them. She also has a warm sense of humor and is very generous in sharing her own experiences when relevant – which makes working with her fun and real. I always feel like I’m learning which is great!

Claudia has saved me, she helped me navigate through a difficult times in my life where there was a lot of ambiguity and change happening.

She is an exceptional listener and talking to her is really easy!

She helped me figure out more things about myself and understand myself better which helps me stay grounded on days when I feel overwhelmed.

I am truly lucky I was able to work with her ♥️

Claudia is wonderful so far!

Claudia is amazing!

I’ve never felt like someone was looking out for my happiness and mental health in the way Claudia has. During our sessions, she always prompted me to think about how I felt about an experience while providing objective feedback and observations. At the end of our sessions, Claudia always asked if I was feeling okay/ good and let me know that I could always reach out if I wasn’t feeling the best.

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