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About Me


I’m flexible, friendly, and highly skilled in achieving the results my
clients need. I been doing this kind of work for the past 20+ years
and work with many different lawyers around the USA. Born in Brazil,
I have lived in the United States for the past 30 years. Experiences of
immigration, exile, and displacement bring on emotional and social
challenges that can be overwhelming. My professional and personal
knowledge of multinational identity makes me especially sensitive to
issues of cultural selfhood and adjustment. People with roots in
more than one society are exposed to chronic stressors at home, at
work, in relationships, and in the activities of daily life. A good-
enough fit between self and environment is something we
continually build and rebuild, in a hard process that can be beautiful
and fascinating, but also costly for our self-esteem, our peace of
mind, and our clarity of purpose. Much of my career is about
reaching people in their struggles with these issues, resonating with
their frustration, pain, and ambivalence as we create new
foundations for a life of meaning and achievement in the society we
have chosen.


Private Practice


  • Private Practice in Charlotte, NC. 2018 – Present.

  • Private Practice in Manhattan, NY. 2000-2003.

  • Private Practice in Westchester, NY. 2000-2018.

  • Provide psychotherapy to adults and young adults.

  • Provide Psychological Reports for immigrants.

  • Clinical concentration on depression anxiety, experiences of immigration, exile, life challenges and changes.

  • Clinical expertise in working with the LGBT community.

  • My professional and personal knowledge of multifaceted identity makes me especially sensitive to issues of cultural selfhood and adjustment.

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New York University

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychoanalysis, Honorary Degree | Southern California

Master of Social Work. May, 2002.
New York University – NY
Master of Applied Psychology. May, 1998.
Fairfield University – CT
Bachelor in History. May, 1991.

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Workshops & Outreach

Group dynamics for Peer Support Group Facilitators.Training workshop for support group leaders – group dynamics, leadership skills, authority, boundaries and task.

Group Relations

Authority, Leadership and Organizational Life in a Rapidly Changing World. A six-day residential Group Relations Working Conference. The Washington Baltimore Center of the A. K. Rice Institute. Bryn Mawr College, PA. Role: Member. Director: Lamis K. Jarrar, Ph.D. August 2001. Authority and Management: Mentoring, Competition, and Succession. A weekend non-residential conference Sponsored by the New York Center of the AK Rice Institute. Director: Geoffry Reed, Ph.D. December 2000.


Instructor/Adjunct Professor of Psychology. SUNY/Westchester Community College Fall 1998 – Fall 1999. Dept. of Psychology. Taught several sections of General Psychology, Theories of Personality, and Abnormal Psychology.

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